The benefits of Air-conditioning

Air conditioning doesn’t just cool you down, it can also improve the quality of air. This can offer many benefits, some of which include respiratory conditions, the health of electrical equipment, work efficiency and your physical health. As well as these benefits, air conditioners can eliminate pollutants and contaminants from the air such as pollen or dust mites. To maximise the benefits of your air conditioning, regular maintenance is a must.

Let’s explore some of the specific benefits:

Respiratory benefits

In the summer months of the year, walking into an air-conditioned room can mean breathing is easier, especially if you suffer from hay fever, asthma or any other respiratory problems. There are a couple of reasons for this, firstly a room without air conditioning is likely to have the windows open causing harmful particles such as pollutants, dust, and smoke to flow into the room. A large number of pollen particles in the air are very common in summer. With an air conditioner, these pollen particles will likely get trapped in the filters, stopping them from flowing into the room. The quality of air is cleaner and less harmful within an air-conditioned room.

Funghi growth

When using air-conditioning to cool a room, the humidity of the air is lowered. This then decreases the chances of mould and other fungi growing, as they a more humid environment. Not only does this save time having to clean up, but it also means bugs such as cockroaches, mould mites and termites aren’t attracted to the room. Regular servicing of your air-conditioning can prevent this growth build up.

Productivity gains

It is proven that we are all more productive when working at a comfortable temperature.  The recommended temperature for a working environment is anywhere from between 16 degrees to a maximum of 25 degrees. When the temperature rises to 27 degrees and above, work productivity significantly drops, likewise when the temperature drops below 14 degrees. According to the BBC, the best temperature to maximise performance would be around 22 degrees, but this can vary from person to person. If you are currently opening the window to encourage fresh air flow into the office, it could be quite noisy outside, therefore distracting you from working properly, whereas air cons are practically silent and provide a cooling impact straight away.

Keep equipment cool

Computers and other machinery can often overheat during the summer months, This can cause errors and for them to shut down with potential work loss. Air conditioning can help with this problem.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of having air-conditioning. The risk of conditions such as heatstroke during a heatwave is reduced and less sweating can mean a reduced risk of dehydration. Air conditioning can also help with sleeping during those hot months. Air conditioners will also filter out any flus or viruses that could have otherwise been spread around the building.

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