Researchers propose air conditioners as climate change remedy

Scientists have come up with the notion that air-conditioning units could be used to fight climate change.

Recent research has discussed reversing the air conditioning process,  and instead of putting carbon in the air carbon is removed, and air conditioners revisited as machines that capture carbon dioxide and convert it into fuel.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC) systems move a lot of air around. They can replace the entire air volume in an office building five or 10 times an hour. Machines that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—a developing fix for climate change—also depend on moving large volumes of air. So why not save energy by tackling the carbon capture machine onto the air conditioner?

Modular attachments to air conditioners could pull air inside and through filters that capture CO2. Once collected, water and CO2, said could be converted into renewable hydrocarbon fuels.

Researchers calculated that one large office tower could capture enough CO2 to produce more than 600,000 gallons of fuel in a year.

In the abstract, the authors of the research said they proposed “retrofitting air conditioning units as integrated, scalable, and renewable-powered devices capable of decentralised CO2 conversion.”

The authors appeared to acknowledge the research encompassed discussions of CO2 reduction, while future fuller analysis would be needed.

We will definitely watch this one with interest. Need help with you air-conditioning? Get in touch today.


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