Preparing for another hot summer in the UK?

Summer 2018 was certainly a memorable one with the World Cup and some very unusual hot weather. As the UK baked in the heat, the food retail sector saw a marked increase in consumer spending as everyone hit the outdoors with picnics and BBQs.

What was a great time for the general public, proved to be a challenge for food retailers and eateries who worked tirelessly to keep food and drink at the right temperature. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems had never been busier and for many the strain was felt – particularly those who had not been maintained or serviced their equipment adequately.

Preparing for next summer?

If the hot weather taught those selling food and drink one thing, it should be to make sure that cooling equipment is adequately serviced to maintain the quality of produce, and to ensure that customers are comfortable when on your premises.

With the winter season in full swing, there is an opportunity to take stock of how food establishments coped with the extreme heat and consider how to be better prepared for 2019.

To help, the team at RSY have prepared some advice for our customers to support with saving money and reducing the risk of downtime:

  1. Book in a maintenance check.  If you don’t have a maintenance plan for your equipment you can still have it checked and serviced.  A ‘health check’ will look at the wear on mechanical parts, temperature settings and refrigerant containment. An expert can give you an overview of your system performance.
  2. Be energy efficient.  Well optimised equipment will not only work more efficiently, it will keep running costs down.  If your equipment is more than 7 years old then you might want to consider replacing it with a more modern solution that offers A+++ energy efficiency. You’ll also be more environmentally friendly.
  3. Think about hygiene.  Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment gather dirt and bacteria in the filters.  To avoid any risks of food contamination, these filters should be cleaned regularly.
  4. Consider a maintenance plan.  Any business that uses refrigeration or air conditioning, particularly on premises that store and sell food and drink, should have a maintenance plan in place.  A maintenance plan will ensure that all of your equipment is safe, all parts are intact and working efficiently and, importantly, your goods are protected all year round.

If you need support to get the right air-conditioning solution for your food or drink business, contact the expert team at RSY today.

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