How to increase the life of your air-conditioning

The scheduling of regular maintenance and servicing on your air-conditioning unit can ensure that it will operate efficiently and maximise its life expectancy. There are however a number of things you can do to support your air-conditioning unit to run efficiently. Here are some of our top tips:

Give it a rest

Our number one tip is to allow your air-conditioning unit to have some rest. We tend to run our air-conditioning constantly, and this can cause wear and tear. To prevent this, try turning off your unit when possible or reducing the thermostat to a minimum temperature.

Clean your unit regularly

Conducting regular cleaning of your unit can remove dust, direct and other debris that might prevent it from working properly. This can be especially important for outdoor units.

Professionally maintain

Regular maintenance by a professional company is vital to ensure that your system is in excellent working condition and any problems are prevented. A good time for scheduled maintenance can be in the Springtime as most units experience their highest use in the summer months. An expert can inspect all components and carry out preventative work to ensure you experience no downtime.

Allow air circulation

To work efficiently, an air-conditioning requires proper airflow. Any obstructions may result in low airflow or the air-conditioning unit breaking down. Ensure there are no obstructions on the vents around the units.

Clean the ducts

In cases where the air circulation is obstructed, air ducts might also be the reason why cool air isn’t coming through. Air-conditioning units can accumulate lots of dirt and debris and therefore they should be cleaned regularly. Keeping the air duct clean and dirt-free will improve the indoor air quality. As a result, the amount of dust in the air will be cut out. It’s best advised that you clean your AC’s air duct at least once per year.

Change the filters on time

Changing the filters on your air-conditioning is a must and can make a huge difference to the lifespan of your unit. Preventing them from getting clogged will improve the overall efficiency and electric consumption kept down.

Watch out for leaks

Refrigerant and condense leaks are also in the list of the things you should watch out for. For this reason, it’s suggested that you check your air conditioner for leaks at least once per year. Any leaks in the hose may cause a malfunction. This is because refrigerant leaks can be harmful. Regular maintenance of your unit will prevent this from happening.

No matter the brand or model, a professional technician with the expertise and knowledge to perform scheduled maintenances and services is a must. If you’re looking for professional support with maintaining your air-conditioning, get in touch.

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