Eight reasons to love air-conditioning

As the summer months fade into a distant memory, the air temperature office arguments may have ended but the life of an air-conditioner goes on. In fact, the amazing technology involved in air conditioning actually makes the world go around and many industries to thrive. We have found 8 reasons to love air-conditioning.

It saves lives – Back in 2003, a European heatwave was responsible for the death of 70,000 people. Two decades earlier, Texas set a record of 42 straight days with the temperature hitting 100 degrees. Thousands of people didn’t die in Texas due to the uptake of air-conditioning at the time – literally saving lives.

Hospitals are healthier – During the summer months, conditions in our hospitals can be pretty miserable when unfiltered air moves around with only open doors and windows allowing airflow which can also impact on the spread of germs and overall hygiene. Air-conditioning in hospitals can ensure the comfort of patients and medical staff and an overall healthier environment by filtering the air and reducing the spread of germs.

It supports our food industry – Thanks to refrigerated food transportation, we are able to enjoy fruits, vegetables and much more throughout the year. The refrigerated storage of food also reduces spoilage, keeping prices down and high availability of out of season foods.

It increases productivity – Scientists at the University of Rochester in the USA found that manual labour productivity peaks at 18 degrees Celsius and drops by a whole 15% when this increased to 24 degrees Celsius. Productivity dropped by a whole 28% when temperatures reached 30 degrees calcium (unsurprising). Workplace accidents also increased with the increase of temperature meaning air conditioning can keep the workplace a safer place.

Its helps with the digital age – Computer chip manufacturing requires a clean and cool environment. Clean rooms are only possible with air conditioning and the filtering of airflow. The entire information age is only possible because of air conditioning.

It protects our interiors – Controlled temperatures and humidity control from air conditioning protect our internal furnishings and artwork. This is why museums and galleries operate with carefully controlled (and air-conditioned) indoor environments.

It supports pharmaceutical manufacturing – Like the computer chip, biomedical and genetic engineering industries rely on air conditioning to operate. Many lifesaving and life-enhancing pharmaceuticals are produced thanks to the environment provided by air-conditioning.

It makes global warming adaptable – With our ever-changing climate and the world getting hotter, we need the ability to adapt and air-conditioning gives us a helping hand. Across our workplaces, manufacturing environments and hospitals, the uptake of air conditioning increases year on year.

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