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The benefits of Air-conditioning

Air conditioning doesn’t just cool you down, it can also improve the quality of air. This can offer many benefits, some of which include respiratory conditions, the health of electrical equipment, work efficiency and your physical health. As well as these benefits, air conditioners can eliminate pollutants and contaminants from the air such as pollen […]

Eight reasons to love air-conditioning

As the summer months fade into a distant memory, the air temperature office arguments may have ended but the life of an air-conditioner goes on. In fact, the amazing technology involved in air conditioning actually makes the world go around and many industries to thrive. We have found 8 reasons to love air-conditioning. It saves […]

UK’s 10 hottest years on record have occurred since 2002

The UK’s 10 hottest years in records stretching back to the 19th century have all occurred since 2002, the Met Office has said. Analysis of temperature records which have been extended back to 1884 also reveals that none of the 10 coldest years have occurred since 1963, showing how the climate is warming. In the […]

How energy efficient is your local supermarket?

There has been an increased rise in the attention given to the environment and the damage carried out by businesses in recent years. According to research from the Global Carbon Project, carbon emissions are still growing at an exponential rate. In 2018 they reached a record high of 2.7% – the fastest rate of growth […]

Keep your house cool during a heatwave

Are you struggling with the recent hot temperatures? If your home is overheating, here are our top tips for keeping it (and your family) cool. Cooling down body temperature on a warm night While it is often pleasant to enjoy the daytime heat and sun, most of us need our bedroom to be below 21˚C […]

Hot and Bothered: Does heat make people aggressive?

Reaching your “boiling point” may be an accurate description As the summer months creep closer and we experience more humid days, some people are starting to get a little ‘hot under the collar’. But how does the warm weather affect our feelings and behaviour? The relationship between heat and aggression is complicated. During the 1960s, […]

Researchers propose air conditioners as climate change remedy

Scientists have come up with the notion that air-conditioning units could be used to fight climate change. Recent research has discussed reversing the air conditioning process,  and instead of putting carbon in the air carbon is removed, and air conditioners revisited as machines that capture carbon dioxide and convert it into fuel. Heating, ventilation and […]

World Refrigeration Day is coming!

World Refrigeration Day is a chance for the industry to receive some public attention. World Refrigeration Day takes place on 26th June 2019 and despite market uncertainty with Brexit, is an opportunity to celebrate the industry and its success stories. While being a small sector, the Air Conditioning sector is critical to the operation of many […]

The benefits of air conditioning in the workplace

Air conditioning is often the favourite debate in every office – positive or negative. As the sun comes out again, the conversations will arise. Despite the debate, professionally installed air conditioning systems can offer many benefits in the workplace. Controllable comfort Today’s modern air-conditioning systems are able to respond rapidly to changes in temperature, both […]